2 year old Breya has sadly been diagnosed with  Stage 4 High Risk neuroblastoma, a very rare Cancer that effects Children under the age of 6. The disease has grown on little Breya's adrenal gland, and grown to consume the whole of her stomach; as well as spread to her bones and bone marrow all over her body. Although Breya is undergoing very intense Chemotherapy that will last 18-20 months, 50% of stage 4 neuroblastoma patients will relapse within 2 years. If this happens the NHS do not currently have any treatments or pathways for curing this. This means in the case of the cancer returning the only option is to travel to the US for new trial therapies which could save Breya's life. This treatment would cost somewhere in the region of £250,000. Her parents are deperately trying to raise the funds for this and any profits from sales of these products will go straight to little Breya.
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